About Us

RocketShops was founded by Gerard Kijlstra and Rutger Hoogstra, two online entrepreneurs who specialise in E-commerce and Social media marketing.

They started by selling T-shirts and hoodies via their own online retail outlets. Having sold tens of thousands of garments over the years, they decided to put their knowledge and experience to use, helping youtubers, reality stars and other online entrepreneurs create successful E-commerce sites.

Research showed that many influencers and websites wanted to start selling merchandise online but were either too concerned about the workload or simply did not have the resources to do so. It also showed that those already selling merchandise online were not taking full advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves, leaving untouched many possibilities of remarketing and customer outreach.

Since 2017, RocketShops has offered a complete fulfillment solution for anyone with a large fanbase, wanting to sell merchandise online.

If you have any further questions or queries or wish to talk to us about your fulfillment solution, please send us an email at:  info@rocketshops.io or call us on +31 20 244 0834.



 Gerard Kijlstra - Founder of Rocketshops


Rutger Hoogstra - Founder of Rocketshops


Alistair Machin - Head of Sales