Success Stories en BAWZ 

Through our platform, Youtuber BAWZ sells hundreds of hoodies, shirts, phone cases and mugs every month. With two diffferent youtube channels, FIFA BAWZ and GAME BAWZ, and over 200,000 YouTube subscribers, he is one of the bigest YouTubers in the Netherlands.


International E-Sporter Koen Weijland

During the Christmas period we set up a webshop for Koen Weijland (E-Sporter of AFC Ajax Amsterdam) selling his own Christmas jumpers. Hundreds were sold within a week.

In collaboration with the Catalan influencer Marc Pujol, we set up the website. Due to powerful designs and large marketing campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, we achieved a turnover of € 50,000 within six months. is one of the largest online shops for cat lovers! With the fullfilment solution of Rocketshops,
they now sell an additinal 500 T-shirts and Hoodies every month!

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