How much does it cost?

Nothing! There are no upfront costs with our service, it’s completely free!


How many fans or visitors do I need to have?

All we ask is that you have 100 thousand fans/visitors across your website or social media, whether that be facebook, twitter, instagram or youtube. If you fall short of the 100k, but have another way to promote yourself, get in touch and we will discuss your requirements.

I have the fans but I don’t have any designs yet, can I sign up?

Of course, our in-house designers will be on hand to help you with the creation of your designs if you don’t have them already.


Why choose Rocketshops?

There are so many reasons and so little space here so why not take a look at our ‘Why choose us’ page?


What products do you offer?

We can produce everything from T-shirts and hoodies to doormats and towels. On our ‘Products’ page you can see a detailed list of products we offer.


Do I need to buy the products in advance or hold stock?

No, our products are all made to order and our minimum order quantity is 1.


How are the products produced?

We ensure that we use products of the highest quality as this allows us to print on them using a variety of techniques. These range from DTG printing, Screen printing and occasionally transfer printing.


Who can I sell to?

In principle, the idea is to sell your merchandise to your followers and fans, but with the correct marketing we can expand this audience and increase sales.


I am ready to get started. What now?

Contact us via the ‘Contact’ page or email us at info@rocketshops.io, we look forward to hearing from you!

Can Rocketshops help me if I already have a shop?

We certainly can, take a look at our page here for a detailed explanation.